Casa Mea

Home improvements (such as home purchases and renovations or construction materials) and connecting to the water and sanitation lines.

> Individuals (age 18-65)
> 10.000 – 100.000 lei
> max. 60 months


Solar water heating systems, thermal isolation, water and sanitation systems.

> Individuals (age 18-65)
> 15.000 – 85.000 lei
> max. 36 months


Agriculture and food industry (investing in tools, equipment, and buildings).

> Individuals / Companies
> 15.000 – 200.000 lei
> max. 60 months


For consumption by individuals.

> Individuals (age 18-65)
> 1.000 – 25.000 lei
> max. 36 luni

How to Apply

We have a simple process, easy as 1-2-3.

Contact us

Contact your local PIN representative to schedule a meeting.

Our loan officers live and work nearby! Go to our Contact page to find the PIN representative for your area and request a meeting either by email or phone call. We want to make the loan application process simple and convenient for you – therefore you can request more information over the phone or over a brief meeting at a location near you!

Select a loan product

Select the loan product you would like to receive and present your documentation to the PIN representative.

Review the loan products listed above, then determine which product you qualify for and would fit your needs. You may use the Calculator below to better understand how the amount and length of return affects the individual and total payments. Then, prepare the necessary documents to the right and bring them to your meeting with the PIN representative.

Await approval

Await approval of the loan. Typically, approval takes 1-3 business days and the money is transferred within 24 hours.

Transfers are made only via bank transfer. If you have a current bank account, we can transfer to your existing account. If you do not have an account, or if you would prefer to establish a new account, our local representative will assist you in opening the account and preparing for the loan transfer. After the transfer is made, your local PIN representative will remain in contact to answer questions as they arise and provide support.