Company history

We have always been a people-first company

We are a non-banking microfinance institution founded in 2007 in Soroca, Moldova. Since our founding, we’ve had the privilege to serve nearly 10,000 clients in ten communities throughout northern Moldova.

We have always been a people-first company, protecting the human connection behind every loan. While our initial focus was to finance individuals who needed a loan for purposes such as home repair or family purchases, we have since expanded our loan products to include business and agriculture investments.

The key to our success always has been and forever will be the trust we maintain with clients. We understand the realities of life in the communities where we serve—quite literally.

Our village and town representatives live in the locations where they review and administer loans. It is for this reason that with over one decade of experience and through two national financial crises, our company has remained profitable and boasted a return rate of more than 97%.

Our agents are accessible to meet the client’s needs and trustworthy to weather the storms together. That’s why we can confidently say, for individuals and small businesses in northern Moldova, we will remain the financing partner you can count on.

Our Goals

Our success is in the flourishing
of every client and community
where we work.

  • Improve quality of life in rural areas.
  • Enable families to move out of poverty faster.
  • Enable employment and income generation in rural areas through skill transfer and training.
  • Develop economically sustainable communities.
  • Provide financial and support services to the poor, particularly women, to enable enterprise development and income generation.

Board Members

Locally focused, globally minded


Livii Avricenco

Chairman of the board


Vsevolod Dabija

Member of the board


Victor Gardașevici

Member of the board

Our Team

Nearby and ready to help.


Antoci Tatiana


Daniliș Oxana
Raionul Telenești


Petrachi Liuba
Raionul Soroca


Gumenîi Claudia
Raionul Florești


Bajerean Ion


Begu Alexandra
Raionul Telenești