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Returning your investment, and so much more

Mutually beneficial collaboration

Priminvestnord is now welcoming investments from local and foreign legal entities. With huge market potential, we are positioned to become the premier financial institution to thousands of families and entrepreneurs throughout rural northern Moldova.

Therefore, our team is establishing mutually-beneficial collaboration with our investors to provide the financial return, investment security, and positive social impact they desire.


Our team understands the importance of making a profit. That’s why we’ve been able to maintain a profitable business for the past ten years in a row! Therefore, we take seriously the responsibility to ensure the profitability of our fund to those who choose to invest with us.

Providing superior client support and efficiently managing internal operations, both debt financiers and equity investors can rest assured their investment is in good hands.


We are very proud to state that, since 2007, more than 97% of our loan portfolio has performed at or above expectations. During this period, we’ve endured two global recessions and multiple national crises in Moldova. Nevertheless, the performance of our portfolio has continued to delight our investors and exceed growth forecasts.

One of the keys to our fund’s security is the personal approach we take with clients. From the beginning, Priminvestnord has been intentional to build relationships with every client and maintain connections throughout the communities where we invest. This practice not only enables wise decision-making when choosing whether or not to grant a loan, but it also improves our ability to anticipate challenges and assist clients during times of struggle. While this is clearly an asset for maintaining a trusting relationship with our clients, it also enables the leadership of Priminvestnord to mitigate risks and ensure the security of our investors’ funds.


We take our opportunity and responsibility to make a positive social impact very seriously. That’s why core to the mission of Priminvestnord is our desire to provide rural families and entrepreneurs access to financing. Issuing a loan is about more than just access to money—we provide access to achieving dreams.

We understand that life is unpredictable and when an opportunity presents itself, it must be seized before it passes by. Whether this means buying the first batch of materials to start a business, financing a vacation to create lifelong memories, or paying for the wedding of the bride’s dreams—we’re here to enable the development of the economy and quality of life in each community where we work.

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